Spirit of the Springs


1. Celebrate and Connect Colorado Springs

Great things are happening in Colorado Springs with many reasons to celebrate throughout the year! We have one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a vibrant arts and culture scene and great parks and trails that foster a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. Colorado Springs can also claim excellent colleges and a highly educated workforce. Olympic hopefuls train in our own backyard and we host a dedicated military community that serves our country.

Let’s come together and celebrate the good things about Colorado Springs! This means celebrating our current community traditions and creating new events to showcase the best our city has to offer.

2. Cultivate Future City Government Leadership

We need to grow city leaders for our future and create more diversity in the city workforce. My hope is that by engaging with our youth as early as middle and high school, they will choose to grow up and stay, work, and play in Colorado Springs. A team of dedicated city professionals and community educators are working together to find new ways to engage with young people and to show them the great opportunities that exist within city government – both as employees and elected officials. The success of Colorado Springs depends on these future leaders.

3. Encourage Citizen Involvement with the City

There are many citizens in Colorado Springs that want to help make our city better. Sometimes, they just are not sure where to start or how best to help. My goal is to connect those individuals with community organizations who could benefit from their time and commitment

For example, the City’s Police and Fire Departments have come together to create the Community Advancing Public Safety Program (CAPS) and need volunteers. They are looking for people who want to take an active role in our community’s public safety efforts. This is just one area where citizens could make a difference.

Encouraging citizen involvement also includes getting information to those who want to become more informed on what’s going on in the City and serve as ambassadors to share the good news happening in Colorado Springs.

Want to Get Involved?

If you have ideas or want to get involved in any of these initiatives, please contact my office to discuss how you can make a difference. Together, we can create positive change in Colorado Springs. Please join me in the Spirit of the Springs!

Spirit of the Springs Awards Criteria

To recognize citizens who embody that Spirit of the Springs, we present a “Celebration” Award when:

  • The recipient lives or participates in an activity within the confines of the City of Colorado Springs or on any of our local military installations.
  • A volunteer activity or noteworthy achievement has brought great honor and pride to the City of Colorado Springs or has been distinguished at a state, national, or international level.

Spirit of the Springs Award winners are honored by the Mayor or an official designee. The Office of the Mayor makes the final determination on all Spirit of the Springs Award recipients.